After more than 25 years on the market, we have been registered as one of the leading freight forwarding companies for Scandinavia transports.
These destinations are specific in their requirements for vehicle equipment, legislation, time requirements and the choice of suitable routes.
Over these 25 years, we have gained experience with Sweden, Norway and other Scandinavian countries, so nothing can surprise us on our journey to these destinations and we can assist our clients with all possible questions.
We have good relationships and cooperations with Norwegian and Swedish companies and they regularly make use of our company services.

Other international and domestic transports

However, we want to exceed our focus on strictly northern countries, and therefore we provide services across other European countries (V4- Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and also Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania)
Our service offer includes transports from 1 pallet to complete truckloads.
We have standard trailers, MEGA trailers, box trailers, 12-ton solos, and vans.
Our vehicles are regularly serviced.
Each of our vehicles for national and international transport is equipped with monitoring systems to track the route, so your goods are always under the control from the loading place up to the delivery place.

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